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50% friends only, add me and ill add ya back ;)

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I have changed usernames, please add me here:

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Last night Sam cuddled and kissed me until I fell asleep. That's the last I'll see-or hear-from him for the next 3 months.

(There's a moment in time that won't escape my thoughts. Youre squeezing my palms and whisper, "I love you so, so much." Your emotion overwhelms you and I can feel it because its humidifying our air. I bet you hated it because you couldnt control it.)

I sincerely hope you have an amazing, life-changing trip... I know you will. :)

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You are young. You may think you have experience and perspective but you do not. You still have so much to learn. There is no proof that you are better, more experienced, or more mature than your neighbor. The only person whom you are more experienced and mature than, is your yesterday’s self.

Realize that any observation or conclusion made at this point is merely your opinion, and it is based off your personal experiences; thus, you must eliminate any ego or overconfidence. You must be able to accept the possibility of being proved incorrect. Listen to your elders, dissect what they say. Fully consider their advice, but also question it. Recognize that they have more knowledgeable understanding for the world, but you will make up your own opinion while respectfully keeping your elders’ advice in mind.

Lastly and most importantly: do not let the insight you’ve developed so far to close your mind or constrain your learning. Your insight is limited, you have seen very little of the world, and what you do know is not enough to impact the unknown. Do not allow your mind to close down on potential new experiences. Now is the time to discover with an open mind.

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I finished the rest of my bud off yesterday evening with some girls....we made paper mache, had an apple-testing experiment with every apple type available at sendiks, did yoga & guided imagery hehe.

Later I went to a party at Tom's. I had a super bad stomach ache, and honestly I know it was from lack of weeeeeeeed. Because whenever certain symptoms like that would show up before, I would just smoke a bowl. Luckily a girl there smoked me down, but like, fuck dude! This whole not buying bud thing is going to be a lot lot lot harder than I had planned. It was easier to stop taking opiates haha WTF

So anyway, I'm trashed at this party and everyones just having a good time w/e, and then all the sudden Tom starts SOBBING...like I guess he just back from the army and he was drunk and disturbed by all the shit he saw there, which totally makes sense. But then literally 3/4 the people there start sobbing over stupid issues. And ahh, thats so annoying. emotional drunk people wont listen to you, so you cant give them legitimate advice....so frustrating. Liz and I were just like what the shit lets leave>>but then they WOULDNT LET ANYONE LEAVE because its they're responsibility and its like 4am and they dont want people driving, which I suppose makes sense, but you should allow someone to leave your house, alskdjflaskdlflasdnfkl whatever . earth club's in an hour biiiiiiiiii

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Yesterday my mom rush to get me the morning after pill, but to avoid this in the future, I'm gonna get this shot that you can't get pregnant 3 months after injecting it. What a brilliant invention.

Also yesterday my bike got stolen. It was all my fault too, I "hid" it in a bush at k-hill like an idiot. I'm still beating myself up over it. Not only was it Emma & my main source of transportation, but my mom's had it since she was a little kid.


Well anyways, I'm stoned and I'm looking at these videos Mike Cheslik made and they're making my day,

I love how Case, Kyle, Sam, etc are randomly in there.
The WFB history pt 1& 2 videos are also hilarious.

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I'm so exhausted, I'm strung out on endless vyvance and adderall and coffee and my body is running on empty.

I just went to a show my mama played at, it was the most bizzare thing, like some indie modern art piece. it was VERY experimental. it was just linda, like 4 other cats & a variety of insturments i'll never be able to pronounce!! the music as a whole definitely had parts that sounded like a buncha wackjobs banging pots n pans, for its not an easy sound for one's ears to accept, but with an open mind i realized how cool it is that my mama is participating in such an event.

prior to this, sam o was over, and just to make it clear, sam is great. he is the banana to my peanut butter. the coffee to my morning. the vitamin water to my cotton mouth. the HAIR to ma muthafuckin SCALP

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Current Music: Wanderlust - Lauren Elle

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The Wailers last night was ahhhmayyzingg , seriously the best concert I've been to in a WHILE. I was front row and smiling the entire time =)

Also I just wanna throw out there that I'm so happy Liz & Brandan are together! Like Liz just all around seems happier & Brandan's the coolest guy she's been with for sure.

But the real reason for this post is cause my ringtone is dem jeanz by chingy & i'm fuckin cool end of story.
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....aw get sick get well! hang around and eat well! lphah~
right now (and yesterday) school's cancelled because it is officially a "cold day", -27 degrees or some shit .

So Wednesday, I go up to Sam I'm like can you tell pete we're dating or something lol and he goes, "why dont you just actually date me?" i'm like wtf. cause you never asked me out maybe? cause youre leaving in less than a month idk? Sam also gave me the best letter i've ever recieved -i'll refrain from writing it as much as i do want to- but lets just say i shouldnt have read it during history cause i started crying like a lil baby.

But w.e later Kyle, Brock & Nolan came over & the whole time I just wanted to fuck Brock. we all played chicken to see who could stand outside in only underwear the longest (no shoes in the snow) and i beat all their asses ahhahaha. they were about to cry no joke.
Thursday we had off, i biked to Sam's, but it was a tad awk. when I realized Pete was there too. Sam definitely made sure Pete understood we were together, and in all fairness to Pete, I felt like I was disrespecting him.

Wow honestly I'm so high and I feel liek what I'm writing isnt making any sense.

Fuck my liffe I honestly feel retarded I'm just gonna say that I went to see SLM/Shoeless Revolution and end writing in this post now.

everyone says that of any animal i'd be a cat.

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Current Music: "All I Really Wanna Do" - Bob Dylan

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god damn it, pete and i kissed today. it wouldnt be so bad if he wasnt sams best friend. plus hes texted me about 80 times since ive seen him last and wrote me a letter & poem. ...attachment is not what i want right now. i feel like i accidentally became committed to something that requires a lot more attention than what i have to offer.

this reminds me of sean because we... like 2 weeks ago, and since then he's been calling & sent me a letter in the mail. sadly i have no interest in boys who have this much interest in me.

okay well anyway i just found something on facebook called "honesty box" or some shit. it s weird.

oh! i want to find out who these people are and hug them and make them be my friend!! well not the second one but uk.

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Current Music: Freeker by the Speaker - Keller Williams

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